Foulard – Modamica


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The Idea Art to wear is a fashion declination of Ludmilla 's art was born with the first idea of scarves, by transforming art in something accessbile and versatile.Innovative multiples of art are the result of the passion of art and fashion, where the subject of the painting come to life on fine fabrics scarves, to everyone his own piece of ' wearable art! The artwork was born shortly before the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine as a premonitory intuition. A last supper of superheroes, as protagonists who inevitably bring us back to the leaders of our world. Once again, the fantastic world is compared with the real world and Radchenko 's irony leads us to reflect on the power games that contribute to changing the order of the great powers. During a "meeting of power", vices and virtues are confronted that we can easily relate to the conflict situation we are experiencing. Will a great and last supper lead to the traitor being revealed?