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Real Collagen Ampoule Serum Set

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Ampoule that gives a smooth finishing with no stickness. Replenish moisture to tightened skin with 940,000ppm of Collagen extract that rejuvenate your skin with energy.


Pull the plastic cap backward and tear oof the aluminum cap. Change the rubber cap to the cone cap. Then use the appropriate amount by pressing the top of the cone with your finger.

This is a sterilized product that doesn't contain preservatives, use it within 15 days after opening.

INGREDIENTS: Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract, Niacinamide, Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Trehalose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Mannitol, Panthenol, Adenosine, Cyanocobalamin, Alanine, Glycine, Arginine, Serine, Leucine, Isoleucine.